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A Commitment to Reliable and Secure Networks

Keeping America Safe is dedicated to helping our public officials protect communities, consumers and national security. To do this, we support the creation of reliable and secure next-generation mobile networks as well as FirstNet, the first high-speed national broadband network solely dedicated to America’s public safety community.

FirstNet, which is now transitioning to 5G, was created to alleviate communication challenges for public safety and to allow first responders to coordinate and respond more efficiently during times of emergency or crisis. Since FirstNet’s inception in 2017, over 14,000 public agencies have subscribed with over 1.7 million connections.

U.S. mobile networks are as secure as any in the world, and wireless providers have demonstrated their commitment to building highly secure 5G networks. We believe that network diversity in the form of multiple, competing networks enhances security and drives the innovation and investment that will keep all Americans safe and connected.

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Recent Updates

July 13, 2021

California Highway Patrol Hands Officers Vital New Tools

Brad Grimes | State Tech | July 13, 2021 CHP distributed 500 Panasonic Toughbook CF-20 detachable notebook computers to its motorcycle officers for collecting stop data. Deployed as ruggedized touch tablets, the officers could slip the devices into their saddlebags and use the touch screen interface to enter the required information. The Toughbook CF-20 is […]

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July 6, 2021

Jason Porter: AT&T Expands FirstNet Cell Site Fleet for First Responder Support

Christine Thropp | Executive Biz | July 6, 2021 The deployable network assets of the FirstNet broadband communications platform expanded to over 100 cell sites in support of first responders’ emergency response activities, GovCon Wire reported June 25. According to AT&T, the expansion effort is aimed at providing communications support to law enforcement, firefighters, emergency […]

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July 4, 2021

Kentucky turns to RapidDeploy, AT&T for statewide 911 mapping, analytics

Donny Jackson | Urgent Communications | July 4, 2021 Public-safety answering points (PSAPs) in the state of Kentucky soon will have the opportunity to leverage cloud-native RapidDeploy mapping and analytics solutions through a statewide deal with AT&T that is designed to help improve response times to emergency calls. RapidDeploy CEO Steve Raucher said the Kentucky […]

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July 2, 2021

AT&T clarifies that Microsoft 5G cloud deal does not impact FirstNet service, security

Donny Jackson | Urgent Communications | July 2, 2021 AT&T created a stir in the telecom community by announcing plans to migrate its 5G mobile network to the Microsoft Azure cloud, but the carrier giant clarified that the move will not change the way in which operates and manages the FirstNet nationwide public-safety broadband network. […]

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June 29, 2021

FirstNet expands its deployables, cell sites

Kelly Hill | RCR Wireless | June 29, 2021 FirstNet-AT&T has expanded its fleet of portable land- and air-based cell sites for temporary coverage, with more than 100 deployables now available to FirstNet subscribers at no additional charge. The new deployables include three Communications Vehicles (CVs) stationed across the country, four micro satellite Cell on […]

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