The Importance of Public Safety, for All Americans

Shirley Bloomfield | Shirley’s Blog, NTCA 

I took a road trip this week, of sorts, out to Reston, Virginia to meet with TJ Kennedy, long time leader of the relatively newly established FirstNet . TJ has had quite a ride having been with FirstNet nearly from the start and being a key player in putting all of the many pieces together that are required for creating a nationwide public safety network and culminating with the recent announcement that AT&T has won the contract to begin building this ambitious network. It seemed like a good time to visit with TJ to compare notes on next steps and as always (because I can be a broken record!) and to remind he and the FirstNet team that NTCA members are ready and poised to fulfill the obligation – that NTCA was key in imposing- that the contract require AT&T to “demonstrate commitment to exercise rural telecommunications provider partnerships for at least 15 percent of the total rural coverage nationwide.”

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