For police, first responder communications network is much needed good news

Thomas Manger, chief of police in Montgomery County, Maryland, and the current president of the Major City Chiefs Association | The Hill 

This week, the Major Cities Chiefs Association, comprised of the sheriffs and police chiefs of the 69 largest law enforcement agencies in the United States and Canada, met to share best practices. For many police chiefs, this has been a difficult and, in some cases, a heartbreaking time. Spending time with trusted colleagues is needed.

From the intense wildfire season out West, through a string of destructive hurricanes and devastating events in Las Vegas, public safety has been taxed and tested. We applaud the courage and dedication of those who responded to those events and mourn for the officers and other victims, lost and injured. During hard stretches like these and other crisis situations, our first responders rise to the occasion with one goal in mind: to save lives and protect our communities.