The Coalition

Keeping America Safe is a coalition of local and state public safety organizations, businesses, and concerned citizens across the nation committed to keeping our communities safe and prepared during emergency situations. By developing a communications infrastructure dedicated to our first responders, our nation will be taking a major step forward in public safety to serve and protect its people and the millions of first responders across the United States.

This can be accomplished through FirstNet, a high-speed wireless broadband network solely dedicated to police, firefighters, EMTs, and other first responders, granting the U.S. the opportunity to greatly enhance public safety in our communities.

What We Believe

America’s first responders deserve the best. FirstNet will advance our nation’s and state’s public safety and national security by providing the latest technology and communication tools to local, state, tribal, and federal first responders. By establishing a dedicated high-speed wireless broadband network, first responder agencies will be better able to communicate clearly and efficiently during man-made emergency situations and natural disasters without having to worry about network congestion.