The Coalition

Keeping America Safe is a coalition of local and state public safety organizations, businesses, and concerned citizens across the nation committed to promoting national security and keeping communities safe and prepared during emergency situations.

What We Believe

Developing FirstNet, a communications infrastructure dedicated to first responders, was a major step forward in public safety.  FirstNet continues to advance public safety and national security by providing the latest technology and communications tools to local, state, tribal, federal and military first responders.

The U.S. has been a leader in 5G deployments with a private sector-driven approach resulting in the fastest speeds and best coverage. Encouraging innovation and investment in wireless networks, as well as making spectrum available to wireless providers, is the best way to ensure that all consumers and public safety officials have access to high-speed, next-generation wireless services.

America today is leading the world in deploying 5G networks with best-in-class security because U.S. companies are aggressively investing, innovating, and competing in the free market.