FirstNet officials share details on in-building offering that is free to public safety

Donny Jackson | Urgent Communications | September 15, 2022

FirstNet officials recently released more information about an in-building-coverage initiative that lets primary-agency customers install AT&T Cell Booster Pro devices—at no cost to the agency—in facilities that house public-safety personnel, such as fire stations and police headquarters.

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Across the Country, Local Public Safety Agencies Detail Value of FirstNet Adoption

Bob Morrow | Slate Tech Magazine | August 22, 2022

The First Responder Network Authority recently released an annual report to Congress for 2021, titled “A Decade of Accomplishments,” revealing the rapid adoption by first responders of its namesake dedicated public safety network. In fiscal year 2021, the FirstNet Authority reports, FirstNet adoption had spread to 18,500 public safety agencies, up from 2,500 in fiscal year 2018, its first year of widespread availability. Network adoption now spans all 50 states, five territories and the District of Columbia.

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FirstNet Authority Board Approves FY23 Budget For Agency Operations, Network Investments

FirstNet Authority Newsroom | August 17, 2022

“This action paves the way for the FirstNet Authority to continue to deliver and enhance the network that first responders across the country have come to trust and rely on for emergencies and natural disasters,” said FirstNet Authority Board Chair Stephen Benjamin. “The budget enables the FirstNet Authority to plan for future capabilities on the network, so it evolves with technology and delivers the tools public safety needs to keep themselves and their communities safe.”

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Los Angeles Police Department Takes Critical Step in Safety Innovation with FirstNet

AT&T Newsroom | July 8, 2022

Los Angeles Police Department is expanding its use of FirstNet® – the only network built with and for America’s first responders and the extended public safety community. With FirstNet, LAPD is equipping officers with new tools, expanded capabilities and reliable access to critical information while in the field, allowing the department to better serve those who live, work and visit Los Angeles.

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FirstNet gives us a glimpse at potentially life-saving communication technology

Tristan Ruppert | WBRC Birmingham | July 8, 2022

The FirstNet team has been planning and coordinating the preparation efforts for months. That way if they are needed, they will be ready. “Part of our planning is how are we going to deal if something goes down. If there is a coverage issue or a situation. We have a separate plan just for that both for us and our national disaster response team.” FirstNet says the goal of all this sophisticated technology is really simple, making sure first responders have what they need in case of emergency.

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FirstNet, America’s Public Safety Network, Improves Connectivity for Navajo Nation First Responders

AT&T Newsroom | July 6, 2022

Navajo Nation first responders are getting a major boost in their wireless communications thanks to the FirstNet® network expansion currently underway by AT&T*. In addition to constructing new, purpose-built FirstNet sites where first responders said they needed improved coverage, we’re collaborating with Commnet Broadband, NTUA, NTUA Wireless, the Navajo Nation Telecommunications Regulatory Commission to help build out additional Band 14 spectrum and AT&T commercial LTE spectrum bands across more than 100 sites.

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FirstNet Authority CTO highlights coverage-extension efforts as initial Band 14 buildout nears completion

Donny Jackson | Urgent Communications | June 12, 2022

With AT&T almost done deploying the initial contracted FirstNet 700 MHz Band 14 infrastructure, the FirstNet Authority increasingly is focusing on solutions that will let public-safety users access the nationwide public-safety broadband network (NPSBN) when outside of terrestrial system, according to FirstNet officials

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