9/11 doc ‘Chief’ preserves FDNY history on screen and beyond

Michael Sisak | The Washington Post | August 31, 2021

Bill Feehan was so knowledgeable about the New York City Fire Department’s operations and history, colleagues say, he would have been the one leading its recovery had he survived the attack on the World Trade Center. “Chief,” a new documentary about Feehan airing on public television stations and in-person screenings around the 20th anniversary of the attack, is part of a major new push to preserve the history of the fire department he loved. “Chief,” produced with assistance from AT&T FirstNet — the dedicated network for first responders developed in the wake of communications problems take arose on 9/11 — benefits from archival footage of Feehan’s speeches and TV appearances over the years, giving viewers a window into his 42-year fire department career.

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FirstNet Authority Board Approves FY22 Budget for Operations, Investment into Public Safety’s Network

Homeland Security Today | August 19, 20021

During the past year, the FirstNet Authority delivered on two network investments: upgrades to the network core for initial 5G capabilities and expansion of FirstNet’s fleet of deployables with 15 new assets. FirstNet users now have access to AT&T’s 5G spectrum in a growing number of markets, and the new assets are helping to meet public safety’s increasing demand for deployables with nearly 1,000 requests for FirstNet deployables from January 2020 to date.

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FirstNet investigates off-network communications

CGN Staff | CGN | August 17, 2021

The FirstNet Authority wants to better understand emerging technologies and potential capabilities for enabling not just device-to-device communications but also relay networks and a full range of data services, according to an Aug. 12 request for information.  It wants responders to be able to share pictures, video, location or internet-of-things data with other responders, devices, drones and third-party applications without access to the macro network – the towers, base stations, cables and other physical facilities that provide communications.

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AT&T opens sub-6 GHz 5G access for FirstNet in 10 cities

Bevin Fletcher | Fierce Wireless | August 16, 2021

AT&T on Monday said first responders that are signed on to FirstNet now have access to its low-band flavor of 5G in 10 cities. In the 10 locations, FirstNet users can tap the carrier’s sub-6 GHz 5G spectrum, and they include: Austin; Charlotte, North Carolina; Cleveland; Dallas; El Paso, Texas; Houston; Knoxville; Phoenix; Raleigh, North Carolina; and San Antonio.

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3 tips to adopting FirstNet

Lori Stone | EMS1 | August 11, 2021

Matthew Gregg has served in his volunteer fire department in Mason County, West Virginia, for 20 years, working as an EMT and in the 911 center. Now, as the director of the Mason County Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM), he oversees various areas – such as code enforcement and flood plain management – as well as the County’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. He has also been a driving force in testing and rolling out broadband communications to the county’s public safety agencies. As part of this testing, Gregg and his team evaluated a then-new broadband network known as FirstNet. Designed with public safety’s input and through a public-private partnership between the federal government and AT&T, the network offered many of the capabilities and coverage Gregg was looking for.

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FirstNet Wireless brings connectivity to Glenwood Canyon

Dani Birzer | Fox 21 News | August 11, 2021

Since the July 30 mudslides, Glenwood Canyon has experienced a closing of I-70, destroying infrastructure and delaying shipments of goods all over the western region. FirstNet with AT&T immediately sent out portable emergency equipment to make sure the area’s first responders such as the Colorado State Patrol, Gypsum Fire Protection District and Eagle County Sheriff’s Office were able to have internet access.

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RI first in the nation to deploy new disaster response tech

Courtney Carter | WPRI | August 10, 2021

When disaster strikes, communication is crucial. That’s why the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency and Gov. Dan McKee announced Tuesday that first responders will soon start using some groundbreaking technology. These so-called “Compact Rapid Deployables” are mobile units that use satellite connectivity to make sure first responders have access to cellular and wi-fi coverage wherever they are. Rhode Island is the first state to deploy the devices, which were provided at no cost by AT&T and FirstNet.

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FirstNet chosen by AllHealth Choice, Myia Health for remote care

Telecompaper | August 9, 2021

AT&T announced that the FirstNet network it helped build was chosen by AllHealth Choice and Myia Health for connectivity purposes. AllHealth Choice chose FirstNet to provide connectivity for 400 tablets used with the company’s remote patient monitoring (RPM) kits. The tablets transmit the vitals of high-risk patients with chronic or complex conditions. The patients’ oxygen levels, heart rate, blood pressure, and more, are collected by health devices included in the RPM kits, such as pulse oximeters and blood pressure monitors.

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FirstNet – Helping Firefighters Face Historic Wildfire Season Amid Pandemic

Kevin Nida and Chris Baker | U.S. Department of Commerce | August 6, 2021

As the fires and the pandemic continue to pose a double threat, many fire agencies have been relying more on mobile devices, such as tablets, smart phones, and laptops to receive information to support critical responder needs. Whether it’s staying connected to enable virtual briefings to command in line with pandemic protocols or relying on technology to help contend with reduced visibility or map out terrain on the fire line, technology has helped firefighters stay flexible and adapt in these trying times.

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