AT&T says FirstNet Band 14 buildout more than 90% done, adoption tops 2 million connections

Urgent Communications | Donny Jackson | February 22, 2021

AT&T has completed more than 90% of the buildout of its contracted FirstNet coverage using 700 MHz Band 14 spectrum “well ahead of schedule,” and the nationwide public-safety broadband network (NPSBN) supports more than 2 million connection, the carrier giant announced.

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AT&T, Verizon special offers provide some winter storm relief

Fierce Telecom | Dan O’Shea | February 18, 2021

Earlier in the week, Texas was hit hard by winter storm Uri, and Austin’s KVUE TV and other media outlets published reports of widespread power, cellular and Internet service outages. AT&T issued a statement Wednesday that read in part, “Our teams and FirstNet liaisons are in contact with federal, state and local officials on our deployment efforts to support public safety and the communities in the in impacted areas.”

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Dejero GateWay Network Aggregation Devices Now FirstNet Ready™ Delivering Reliable Communications Solutions for Public Safety

PRNewswire | Dejero | February 17, 2021

Dejero GateWay M6E6F and 211 devices deliver reliable wireless connectivity for applications such as voice, video, and data communication while in nomadic or mobile environments, as well as adding wireless connectivity to fixed locations. These devices are now FirstNet Ready.

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Tests show FirstNet MegaRange effective for 20-plus miles in maritime scenario, AT&T says

Urgent Communications | Donny Jackson | February 13, 2021

FirstNet MegaRange—the new FirstNet offering that leverages high-power-user-equipment (HPUE) technology to extend the effective range of a cell site—delivered throughput speeds that could support multiple video streams during maritime tests conducted as far as 28 miles from the California coast, according to an AT&T official.

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‘The Holy Grail’: Public safety applauds FirstNet vertical-location launch

Donny Jackson | Urgent Communications | February 5, 2021

First-responder officials are applauding the recent AT&T announcement that FirstNet agencies now can access vertical-location (Z-axis) information powered by NextNav to find personnel inside taller buildings—a challenging task that has been described by many as the “Holy Grail” of public-safety communications.

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